Kvass production

Kvass wort tank

Kvass wort is prepared out of kvass wort concentrate, sugar syrup, glucose-fructose syrup on the basis of treated water.

Fermentation room

Prefabricated wort goes into the fermentation room for attenuation by special yeast. Then a fermentation process takes place and a small amount of alcohol, carbonic acid and other fermentation products are generated at this time. Chilled and clarified kvass maturates a few days.


Kvass is cleared from yeast in the filtration department, it is imparted a transparency and also a long term storage.
Ready to use filtered kvass goes to the tanks for storage before the bottling.


Kvass bottling is carried out on three bottling automated lines:
  • PET bottle 0,5 L – 12 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • PET bottle 1,42 L – 24 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • PET bottle 2,5 L – 9 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • Throwaway PET Keg 30 L – 180 keg/per hour;
  • Metal Keg 50 L – 60 keg/per hour.
Kvass product line