Beer production

Grain elevator

Barley and malt of only reliable supplier are used at the production of beer. A delivery of barley and malt is carried out by motor and railway transport. The quality of delivery raw materials goes through strict laboratory control by the brewery. An additional cleansing from different dirt and litter before their storage in elivator is carried out at the acceptance of barley and malt. Then they are delivered into the underworking room for shattering.

Cooking room

Shattered barley and malt are delivered into the cooking room, where wort preparation takes place in the cooking boiler with addition of hop and specifically treated water.

Fermentation room

Prepared beer wort («mash») goes into the fermentation room by the automatic lines, where it is fermented by special beer yeast. Then a process takes place at which alcohol, carbonic acid and other products of fermentation are generated. Сooled clarified beer matures several days on the next stage. Formation of beer flavor takes place here.

Filtration room

Filtration room is intended for the separation of beer from yeast, to add lustre and transparency to beer and also an extended storage period. Finished filtered beer goes into the BBT for the storage before bottling.


Beer bottling is carried out on five bottling automated lines:
  • Glass bottle 0,45 L – 24 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • PET bottle 0,92 L – 12 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • PET bottle 1,42 L – 24 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • PET bottle 2,5 L – 9 thousand bottles/per hour;
  • Throwaway PET Keg 30 L – 180 KEGS /per hour;
  • Metal Keg 50 L – 60 KEGS /per hour
Beer product line