About the company

Start of activity

The brewery with a capacity of 4 million dal. per year was built in accordance with the project of the «State Design Institute Rosgipropishcheprom» and put in commission on the 30th of September 1977.
The brewery was developing quickly and the plant workers set up production of kvass and nonalcoholic beverages in 1982.


Large-scale modernization of all the shops and equipment in concordance with the latest standards of brewing and nonalcoholic beverages production started at the factory in 2005.
Modern high-technology equipment of such world leaders as KHS, SMI, Huppmann, Padovan, Van der Molen, Sidel, Hartmann, Moelle was installed. All the stages of production in concordance with the world standards of quality were worked out in details in co-operation with the experienced foreign technologists.
The present equipment and technologies make it possible for us to carry out the output of products on a high microbiological level without adding of preservatives, stabilizers and other substances extending shelf life of beer and beverages.

Brewery today

Today the brewery is a completely automated modern enterprise with production facilities: Beer – 15 million dal. per year.
Nonalcoholic beverages – 25 million dal. per year.
Brewery products are popular among people in Lipetsk and these products are also sailed successfully in many regions of Russia.